About the Play

A one-act play about cyber-bullying, the play focuses on American youth and the problems they face with social media and the anonymity of the internet. For two weeks Amy’s life has been unbearable. An intimate conversation she had online with a boy she likes has been cut and pasted so many times that she is now the laughing stock of the school. To make matters worse, she has been receiving threatening text messages, and her family has been plagued by a series of anonymous phone calls which have been intimidating and offensive. The play opens as Amy sits alone in a classroom. She is soon joined unexpectedly by Kara, who is apparently looking for a prom committee meeting. However, when Amy leaves, it becomes increasingly clear that Kara, and her friends Jordan and Jess, have not come here to discuss the prom. In fact, even they are not aware of all the reasons for their being here. As the play turns from one half-truth to the next, the girls find themselves forced to confront not only their role in what has happened, but what their actions betray about themselves.

About the Theater Workshop

Started in the fall of 2018, the after-school Theater Workshop program at Hayfork High was created to supplement the loss of the Hayfork high drama program. As of the 2018-19 school year, there are no theater classes offered as part of the regular class schedule to Hayfork High students. Mountain Actors wanted to ensure the continued access to theater performing arts for our Hayfork youth, and offered to teach an after-school program. Needless to say, the program has taken off successfully, so much so that the group of participating students wanted to perform (that's when you know they must be true actors!). And so, we're excited to announce an end-of-school-year performance.