Renovation Update March 2020

March 1, 2020

Since our last update, there has been significant progress on the planning phase (phase 1), which first identified the presence of asbestos and mold. With the completion of the removal of these materials, the project is now ready for the much larger next steps. Grant funds are important to secure before beginning demolition and structural retrofitting work so the project can get to a point of structural integrity.

With many new businesses rising in the Hayfork community, MAW has been able to procure several donations ranging from $4,000-$10,000. These are some of the most significant monetary donations the organization has received since its founding. This recent interest toward the goal of rebuilding the theater is reflected by this monetary support, in which each donation was provided to specifically go toward the renovation. We did exactly that and used the funds toward asbestos and mold testing and subsequent removal of those identified hazards. With the most recent donation, MAW is securing storage for any remaining items in the building so that the structural retrofit phase can begin.

We Welcome Your Donations

With a dedicated theater, MAW will no longer have to depend on the generosity and sacrifices of Hayfork’s businesses and schools that allow us to use their spaces. A renovated theater would also mean more opportunities to bring outside performances and productions to the community, inviting other organizations to our stage. Taken together, a cultural hub in downtown Hayfork would help engender community pride and unity in a town that has seen a drastic increase in diversity over the last decade. This much-needed center could help harness and celebrate this new diversity and provide enrichment activities across the ages.

We have created an online, no-fee donation page to help continue these renovation efforts. Every donation counts (and is tax-refundable).